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Store Purchase Department, under the Government of Kerala is functioning at the Government Secretariat, Trivandrum. It consists of four sections to fulfill its duties.

The term “Stores” means all articles and materials (other than cash and documents) which come into the possession of a Government servant for use in the Public Service. This term does not, however, include items, like dietary articles of the animals in zoos, sundry articles like fuel, charcoal, dietary products, etc. For fulfilling the duties and functions of the various Departments of the Government, “Stores” have often to be purchased. This Manual contains the General rules applicable to all Departments regarding purchase of stores required for use in the Public Service. In regard to particular classes of articles, such as books and periodicals, stationery and printing stores, clothing and liveries, etc., these will be supplemented by the Instructions in the book of financial powers to be issued by the Finance Department. In the case of Public Works, Forest, Stationery, Police and other special Departments, these rules should be supplemented by the special rules contained in the Codes and Manuals of the Departments concerned, e.g. P.W.D Code, Forest Code, Stationery Manual, Police Manual, etc.

These rules and instructions also apply to the purchase of stores by Government servants on behalf of local bodies and of local funds administered by the Government, if such purchase is authorised by Government. Rules and instructions included in this Manual regarding preferences or margin of preferences in respect of industries having approved rate contracts, or purchase of products of indigenous or Indian Industries or industries within the State of Kerala or Public Sector Institutions etc. shall be applicable also in the case of purchases made by the Municipal Corporations. The rules and instructions in this Manual shall be followed by heads of aided schools while utilising Public Funds for the purchase of articles for their schools. This will apply to purchases from Special Fees Fund also. The Kerala Sahitya Academy. The Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Academy. The Kerala Lalithakala Academy. The Kerala Kalamandalam shall observe the Rules and Instructions in this Manual while making purchase of stores.

These rules and instructions will also apply to purchase of stores, materials, machinery, equipments, vehicles etc. by Local Bodies, Autonomous Bodies and Public Sector Undertakings, under Government of Kerala.