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The Subjects being dealt with by the Department

Stores Purchase (A) Department

1 Application for Registration of firms as approved suppliers (initial registration).
2 Papers relating to all kinds of pump sets and its spare parts including motors.
3 Periodical Certificate on
(i) important orders issued.
(ii) surprise inspection by Joint Secretary and Under Secretary.
(iii) P.A.C recommendation and its implementation.


Preparation of following statements.
(a) Directory of purchase (half yearly)
(b) List of purchase of ISO certified goods(quarterly)
(c) List of products of Govt. Undertakings.

1 Table Fans, Electrical goods
2 Storage Batteries & M.T.Batteries
3 Electronic Calculators
4 Radio and P.A equipments and Audio visual equipments
5 Amendments to S.P.Manual and also Manual of Material Administration and
General Papers regarding Stores Purchase.
6 Maintenance of Stock File of Rate Contracts settled in the S.P.Dept.
7 Maintain of R.C.Register.
1 Textiles and Uniform Materials
2 Leather and Leather goods
3 Coir and Coir Products
4 Woollen goods and surgical dressings
5 Nylon ropes and Polythene bags
6 Cotton Waste, Bed cotton, yearn etc...
7 Rate Contract for Office Steel Furniture
8 Display Boards
9 Timber
10 All papers relating to purchase of furniture
Preliminary and Miscellaneous papers relating to registration of firms.
Removal of registration
List of firms registered with S.P.Dept.
Chemicals and Plant Protection equipment
Insecticides for Agricultural purposes
Ferrous and Non-ferrous materials such as metal claps M.S.rods etc...
Green manure and deeds for agricultural purposes
All papers relating to purchase of Computer Accessories (vide office order  No. 1/05/SPD dated 20.1.05.)

Stores Purchase (B) Department

1 Establishment, Cash and Accounts
2 Periodical reports of
i. Important papers relating to socio-economic development pending with Govt.of India
ii. Monthly Business Statement
iii. PR inspection Statement
3 Receipt and Refund of deposits
4 Fire Extinguishers, Cycles
5 Monthly Business Statements and Departmental Conference
6 Interpellations and Miscellaneous Papers
1 Motor Vehicles and accessories and spare parts.
2 Fabrication of water tender
3 Motor Works, drainage and sanity materials
4 G.I.Pipes and specials polytheline pipes
5 Rate Contract for Retreading of tyres
6 Weights, Measures and Weighing Instruments
7 Dietary Articles
8 Pad Locks
1 Surgical Instruments and Hospital equipments
2 Refrigerators, Air Compressors, Air Conditioners, Air Coolers, Water Collers, Cooling
arrangements, Cold Storage and Freezers
3 Dairy equipments
4 Plant and Heavy Mechinery(Road Rollars), Concrete Mixers, Vibrators, Tractors,
Bullozers, Dumbers etc...
5 Agricultural Machinery, Textile and Printing Machinery
6 Marine Engines, Boats, Rugs etc..
7 Clocks and Time pieces
8 Medicines and drugs, chemicals and insecticides for use in hospitals
9 Gases and Gas Cylinders
10 Lathes
11 Workshop machinery and equipments other machinery not specified elsewhere.
1 Fuel Oil and Lubricants
2 X-ray plant and equipments
3 Photographic materials
4 Laboratory equipments for schools and colleges
5 Books and periodicals and stationery articles
6 Surveying, Drawing and Mathematical instruments
7 Rate Contract for sewing machines
8 Cement
9 Blacklisting and banning of dealings with firms keeping of a register for the purpose
10 Tyres, Tubes and Flaps

Stores Purchase (IW - I) and Stores Purchase (IW - II) Department

Stores Purchase Inspection and follow up action thereon in respect of all State Government Offices, PSUs etc... under the Government of Kerala are the main works being dealt with by the Inspection Wings of the Department.

The Stores Purchase Department deals with the following works also: -



The recommendations of the Departmental Purchase Committees are to be dealt with in the Stores Purchase Department in the following cases:-

(a) Where the Finance member disagrees with the other members.
(b) Cases in which there is any special relaxation from Stores Purchase Rules or Provisions of the Kerala Financial Code.

2 Settling of Rate Contract.
3 Preparation of the Statement of: -
(a) Directory of purchases (half yearly).
(b) List of purchase of I. S. 1. Certified goods (quarter1y)
(c) Preparation of the list of products of Government undertakings.
4 All correspondence relating to import licenses and release of foreign exchange.
5 Blacklisting, banning and other penalities.
6 Registration of firms.
7 General questions relating to stores purchase like correspondence with the Government of India and the D. G. S. and D., issue of general instructions and orders on stores purchase from time to time.