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Stores Purchase Inspection and follow up action thereon in respect of all State Government Offices, PSUs etc... under the Government of Kerala are the main works being dealt with by the Inspection Wings of the Department.


The Stores Purchase Department deals with the following works also: -


(l) The recommendations of the Departmental Purchase Committees are to be dealt with in the Stores Purchase Department in the following cases:-

(a) Where the Finance member disagrees with the other members.
(b) Cases in which there is any special relaxation from Stores Purchase Rules or Provisions of the Kerala Financial Code.
(2) Settling of Rate Contract.
(3) Preparation of the Statement of: -
(a) Directory of purchases (half yearly).
(b) List of purchase of I. S. 1. Certified goods (quarter1y)
(c) Preparation of the list of products of Government undertakings.
(4) All correspondence relating to import licenses and release of foreign exchange.
(5) Blacklisting, banning and other penalities.
(6) Registration of firms.
(7) General questions relating to stores purchase like correspondence with the Government of India and the D. G. S. and D., issue of general instructions and orders on stores purchase from time to time.